Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music! Day 5

Day 5 --      Join a choir or band, or take group lessons   

Some of the greatest benefits of music making include the social activity of group classes and performances.  A 1999 study showed people who participated in group keyboard lessons experienced significantly decreased feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness, and showed an increase in human growth hormone (hGH).  hGH has been linked to positive effects such as increased energy levels,  reduced chance of osteoporosis, improved muscle mass, and fewer aches and pains.

Another study indicated that those who took part in a choir group did much better in a variety of social, behavioral, quality of life and mental health measures than did the control group who did not take part in musical instruction.  The choir participants reported better overall health including fewer doctor visits, fewer falls, fewer hip fractures, lower levels of depression, less loneliness and better morale, AND increased activity levels.  Wow – that church choir is looking more inviting now isn’t it?

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