Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music - Day 3

How are you doing with your brain power boosting?  Music can be a wonderful way to improve your brain functioning --  You have already learned that listening to music you like can lift your mood and encourage you to relax!  And that learning a new musical instrument at any age really stimulates your brain to make new neural connections and increase brain plasticity.  

Today, I encourage you to get up and move!!  Read on --

Better Brain Power with Music -- Day 3      Move to the music.

Everyone's constantly telling us that exercise should be an important part of our daily routine.  Regular exercise keeps the body fit, lifts mood and wards off illness.  Did you know that exercise also keeps the brain active by stimulating growth of new neurons in the brain, boosting brain power?  

But exercise alone can be boring and unmotivating.  Ever wonder why  aerobic studios have upbeat, uplifting music playing during their classes?  Because music is motivating and keeps you going long after you would have stopped without musical stimulation.  So load some dance music on your iPod and get moving  - dancing, walking, or whatever you like.  For example,  I love Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” – it’s sure to get me going!  Not a Lady Gaga fan?  Try Motown or even some good old 1970s disco!

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