Wednesday, July 27, 2011

523 - I'm past the halfway point!!

Thanks to an invitation to present for the HomeCare Southwest staff meeting this morning, I am over half way to my goal of 1000!  What an awesome group today -- There were RNs, OTs, PTs, and even a future music therapist and her mom.  I presented info about music therapy and led several experientials - including an egg shaker pass and relaxation music.  I shared with everyone the definition of music therapy and the fascinating way music affects brain power.  One young man shared with me how he used to write songs and played several instruments, but now that he was a dad and full-time home health employee, he had not written any music in a number of years.  I think he's probably going to pick up his guitar tonight and hopefully re-kindle the musical spark that I am sure still lives within. 

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