Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Therapy and Autism

Research literature reports that most individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum respond positively to musical experiences.  Because music is motivating and enjoyable, it is a very useful therapeutic tool.  Music can promote relaxation, self-expression, learning and relatedness, and can address multiple developmental needs at the same time.  Music is wonderfully flexible and adaptable, and can meet the client where he or she is.  Some typical outcomes in music therapy with children and adults with autism include:
  • Music therapy can enable communication, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Music therapy can encourage expression of emotions
  • Music is a universal language, providing a bridge between people
  • Music can stimulate brain functioning, since it is processed in both hemispheres
  • Music provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation
  • Music can encourage movement activity, enhancing motor skills
UpBeat Music Therapy Services can come to your location to work on these and other skills with children or adults on the autism spectrum in the Vancouver, Washington area.

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