Saturday, September 3, 2011

"More Science Suggests Music Can Boost Mind and Body"

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It says that according to new research, music therapy can effect huge changes in the lives of people suffering from mental-hearth issues such as depression.

Lead researcher and professor Christian gold explained, "Music therapy has specific qualities that allows people to express themselves and interact in a nonverbal way.  Even when people can't find the words to describe their inner experiences, the music helps them to open up." 

However, simply giving someone an instrument to play wasn't enough.  "The greatest impact came when there was a coherent explanation of what music therapy does and why the music therapists were there."  said another lead researcher.

So how does it work?  The researchers on this study suggest music therapy is a fresh, less threatening means of getting people to open up, especially those feeling isolated or alienated.  Music helps people connect in a way that conventional counseling may not.

The physical act of drumming can produce a sense of euphoria, researchers said in the article.  These "feel good" hormones are produced when people engage in drumming, which can be an intense cardiovascular activity, and a good workout for the upper body.

An exercise scientist, Dr. Karageorghis, is quoted in the article to say that, "Since the Old Testament depiction of young David curing King Saul's depression with  . . . his harp, we have been aware of the therapeutic effects of music.   . .  but my research has also shown that music is able to achieve an efgogenic effect -- heightening arousal levels, creating positive mood states and distracting attention from perceptions of fatigue."

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