Friday, September 16, 2011


I am loving meeting new people at networking events in and around Clark County.  I'm adding 9 new folks to my "heard-about-music-therapy" list thanks to a meeting yesterday at Columbia Ridge Assisted Living in Washougal WA.  I knew a few of the attendees, but was excited to meet some new people as well.  I have also spoken with a registered music therapist (the former designation of music therapists before board certification became the standard) living in Clark County considering returning to the field, a former Marylhurst music therapy student also considering finishing her studies. It sure would be great to add a few members to the Music Therapy in Clark County team!!  My twelfth person this week came by to give me a bid on replacing some plumbing fixtures in my daughters' bathroom.  She and I talked quite a while about music therapy and its effect on seniors and children with special needs.

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