Monday, June 27, 2011

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music!

Music boosts brain power! -- Over the next seven days, I will share with you an idea each day for using music to do just that.  These are simple, enjoyable ways to add music to your life while helping your brain function better and helping you feel better ~

Day One -- Listen to music you like

Everybody likes music, but our musical tastes are as different as we are.  Some of us love country, while others prefer the latest tunes on Z100.  Or do you love Beethoven?  Perhaps you prefer the music of your native culture, or maybe Mozart is your cup of tea.  Whatever you like best, the fact that you like the music has a psychological effect on your brain.  When you engage in activities you like, you tend to become more relaxed, happy and content.  Happiness has a positive effect on illness and disease, and music is a major facilitator for creating happy thoughts.  This is caused by a boost in the levels of serotonin in the brain brought about by engaging in a pleasant activity such as listening to music that you prefer.

Similarly, when you listen to music you like, there may be an instant elevation in the mood.  Or, depending on what music you choose, music can calm your nerves and induce relaxation.  Music can also evoke pleasant memories, such as your high school days or dancing with your sweetheart.  So choose the music you like best, or experiment with new genres to expand your preferences, and enjoy!

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