Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still talking!

I am still talking about music therapy to everyone who will listen! Just today, the owner of the tree pruning company I hired to prune my huge plum tree asked me what I do. I had planned to be home after my client this morning to pay him but had gotten a call from another client who had previously needed to cancel this afternoon's session but ended up being available for music therapy today. So when he said, "so what do you do?" I launched into action!! He shared with me some experiences he has had with alternative therapies, and said although he considers himself pretty well informed he had not heard of music therapy. I still have so much talking to do! I have to add that I was stopped in the hall at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital the other day by a physician who wanted to ask me about what I do. He smiled and nodded and agreed that music is indeed, therapeutic. . . had a similar experience this past Monday. Another doctor and several nurses chatted with me about their own experiences with the healing power of music. I asked if they could refer me some patients on the floor who could benefit, and, instead of the usual "oh, I can't think of anyone" said, "Really EVERYONE on the floor could benefit!" Yes!! That's what I like to hear! (Actually music therapy is contraindicated in some situations.)

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