Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday, I spoke about music therapy at Washougal High School's Career Day. I had 2 groups of 25 students each. These 50 students chose music therapy among a number of presentations they could attend that day. I was heartened to realize how many of them were interested in music therapy (young men as well as young women). They asked great questions, including "What is a typical day like?" and "What is most rewarding about your work?" and the thought provoking, "Can music therapy cure anything?" Their band teacher was most receptive and welcoming as well!

It is great to know that these talented, bright students are at least considering a future in music therapy!

Yesterday afternoon, I was having a cup of tea outside in the sunshine at my favorite coffee house in Battle Ground and an older man walked up to me and asked what I was doing (I was listening to one of Cathy Knoll's podcasts about autism). I told him I was doing some continuing education, and he shared with me that he had two nephews with autism. He asked to join me at my table and hear more about music therapy!

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