Friday, October 28, 2011


Dr. Larry Sherman, neuroscientist at OHSU, spoke to the Giving Circle of SW Washington last night about how music affects the brain.  It was a great opportunity to hear about why music is so important in our lives.  Dr. Sherman shared some great information and dazzled the group with his piano improvisation skills.  I  had a brief opportunity to share a music therapy experience with the group, so I am adding another 18 people to my count.  In the audience were the amazing saxophonist Patrick Lamb and his manager Amy Maxwell.  Afterwards we talked about music therapy!  Me, talking to a world class musician about music therapy!!  Awesome!  We also were thrilled to have the incomparable Val Ogden and her husband in attendance.  The Giving Circle's mission this year is to fund projects in Clark County, WA, intended to increase access to the arts for people with disadvantages or disabilities.

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